Terms of service

The terms of service of this platform is established by WorkParrots to govern the user or visitors of WorkParrots Applications and businesses.

Our mission is to build a working community where people will develop great enthusiasm for what they do for a living. WorkParrots fosters that process by providing users with an avenue to express their working interests for young professionals to emulate.

The platform provides relevant tools needed to enhance career prospects among people. We provide you with a platform where you can post, share, brand your career and occupation. The platform promotes your career by recommending your profile to users, employers and businesses who are interested in your services or content. We do not track all your activities online.

Note that we have limited control of who will contact you on this platform; so please do not share your personal confidential information with anyone unless you have verified that it is safe. We do not take responsibility for any of your personal information that you provide to another contact on this platform.


Verify that your posted information does not contain confidential information or copyright material. The account owner will be responsible for any content posted in the account. You own 100% of the content of your account and we will do our best to protect your content so that you can have an amazing experience on this platform. You cannot upload any malicious software on this platform or use any mean to extract data from this platform without our approval and according to the Canadian data privacy act or any country that use our service. You cannot integrate our platform into any service without our approval.

Businesses and employers will be posting jobs and will also have the chance to review existing candidates who have subscribed for jobs. Every job description must be accurate and job posting must meet the Canadian standard for employment. WorkParrots is providing might suggested list of candidates for hiring and we do not guarantee that the person who applied for the job is qualify. It is your responsibility to conduct a thorough review of job applicants to find the right individual that will meet your business need. The use of violent languages, racism, abuse, sex trade, and phonograph will not be allowed on the site and users who post such content is liable to prosecution according to Canadian federal law.

This platform is still under development and will continue to improve your experience and our mission.

Your privacy and right will be maintained and data will not be shared with a third party without your consent. WorkParrots research on this platform reserves the right to use your private information in order to improve your experience and provide you with all necessary tools that we find will improve our service to you.

Who can use WorkParrots

Everyone with legal working age in your country can use WorkParrots. The legal age to use our service is 14 years old or the legal working age of your country. We want this site to provide a professional experience to everyone so if you have been convicted of any crime that is against the government use of our product, you are not allowed to own an account with us and if such an illegal profile have been created we reserve the right to delete such an account. Harassment, hate, violent language or any behavior that is deemed harmful by the Canadian government or your country is not supported on our platform. Such a content will be deleted, and the individual might be subject to prosecution according to the law of that country and our term of service.

This agreement will be governed and interpreted according to the law of British Columbia, Canada. By visiting our platform, opening account, subscriptions or signing up you agree to the terms and condition of our platform. This agreement will be invalid when you delete your account but any action you took that was good or bad can still be referenced by to you if there is need.

Research and development

From time to time we will be engaging in research to better understand how we can help make this platform the best for all users. This will require us to gather data on how you use our product. We might also send you survey notifications for your suggestions to better understand how to serve you. As the company grows we might operate our global service centres, we will need to store and distribute content and data in our data centers and systems around the world, including outside your country of residence. This residence may be operated or controlled by Video Applicants Inc. (WorkParrots), or its affiliates. In all circumstances your privacy and data will be protected to the data privacy law.

Limit of Liability

All the content posted belongs to the account holder. We do not have a guarantee service in any service that we provide including all merchandise whether expressed or implied. We will do our best to provide all our customers and users a great service base on our resources. For businesses that might be paying for posting jobs we do not grantee that our website will be running without interruption. In cases where there is a platform crash or we are not able to operate for more than 24 hrs such an individual will have to send in special request for an extension equivalent to the elapse time.

We do not know when problems might arise with our Products and services. Therefore, our liability shall be limited to the complete extent allowed by applicable law in all cases, and under no circumstance will we be liable to you for any lost profits, revenues, information, or data, or consequential, special, indirect, exemplary, punitive, or incidental damages arising out of or related to these Terms or the WorkParrots Products, even if we have been advised of the possibility of such damages.

Copyright and claims

WorkParrots platform is open source where all posted content is completely owned by the individual who created the account and we will act base on Canadian copy right infringement laws (Notice and Notice Regime). For business accounts, the content belongs to the business name.

We recognise the importance of copyright infringement and take all allegations of copyright violation seriously. As a result profile owners are required to post and share content that does not breach copyright laws. All work images, videos and messages must be individual content and not copyrighted material.

We are not responsible for any copyright materials posted on our platform by our users, customers or any third party. If you have complaints about copyright infringements please contact us by email (copyright@workparrots.com). All copyright claims submitted must have been verified. False claims may result in prosecution, or disabling user content which in turn may affect our customers. All copy right claims will be evaluated based on Canadian law, particularly the Canadian Digital Millennium copyright Act (Bill C-61). By visiting our platform or creating an account, you agree to the above copyright infringement laws.

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